Organise your credentials with the help of mycv

Build a personalised work profile using your employment and training history along with any additional competence and certifications. Receive regular notifications regarding training updates and requirements to help keep your profile up-to-date.

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Everything in one place

With the help of mycv you can store all of your relevant documentation to help keep track of your upcoming training and find new job opportunities.

Profile Creation

Input your recent work experience, and keep your training records and certifications up-to-date.

Quick Sharing

Transfer your profile to employers, site managers or potential employers at the click of a button.

Job Eligability

You can choose to share your profile with subscribing companies for potential employment.

Training Notifications

‘Source my training’ will notify your chosen training provider of your upcoming training requirement.

Easily upload your certifications and plan your training

Write your own descriptions or use drop-down selectors to build your work history profile in a way that suits you. Add in your training requirements along with any active certifications so you know when you're due further training or certificate renewal.

How it works

How it works


Create your profile

Your finalised profile is available to you on the mycv app, which you can then share with others via airdrop, messages, email or social media.


Enlist your employer

Once they subscribe they can request access to your profile, forming part of their compliance requirement to keep their training matrix updated.


Make yourself known

If you choose ‘share to all’, potential employers and training providers can use search criteria to find and contact you using your preferred method.

More features

Enable employers to see your credentials and get job offers

By choosing 'share to all', all subscribing employers and employment agencies can use search criteria to find your profile and potentially offer you a position. They can narrow their search by defining the following:

Required Certifications
Applicable Work Dates
Employee Location

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